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Gasification Technologies


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Gasification technologies offer the potential for converting caol and low or negative-value feedstocks such as, petroleum coke, and various waste materials into a usable energy 1000 day loan pay source. This monograph is a primer to coal and biomass gasification technologies. It provides an introduction and overview of current technology developments and an understanding of buck loans the challenges for commercialization of this technology. Chapters also discuss gasification techniques and the benefits of each technology, including gas clean-up technologies, and those used in hybrid form loan systems and fuel cells. This volume helps place the technology, research, and development challenges into a broad perspective.
By John Rezaiyan, Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff,
Publisher: CRC
loan with instant decision Number Of Pages: 360
Publication Date: 2005-04-08
Sales Rank: 287794
ISBN / ASIN: 0824722477
EAN: 9780824722470
Binding: Hardcover
Manufacturer: CRC
Studio: CRC

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