#EBOOK – Blasthole Drilling

Blasthole Drilling


Judul : blasthole drilling in open personal loans in tucson arizona pit mining
Penulis : atlas copco
Keterangan : 248 halaman, PDF, didalamnya terdapat penjelasan  mengenairig protection, rotary drilling, surface blasthole drilling, tricone rotary blasthole instant payday cash loans drilling, optimizing rotary drilling, down the hole drilling tools, blasting in open cut metal mines, drilling in artic, rock formation & drillability, dth hammer payday loans in bellflower ca specification, drill care, downhole drilling tecnology, rig design, dust control in drilling, optimizing the rotary drill string, bit design, blasthole how to get a personal loan with bad credit angle, blasthole pattern, burden spacing blasthole, smoothwall blasting techniques
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